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Protect your wood deck from the elements. Ultra-violet rays, harsh weather, and humidity can wreak havoc on your deck. Photo Finish Painting will professionally restore and protect your outdoor space.

First, we will evaluate the current condition of your deck to determine the proper prep required to ensure a flawless finish. Decks need to be free of moisture, mildew, dust, debris, old finish, and stains before a new coat of stain is applied. We will use a high quality pressure washer to pre-treat the area as needed. Our trained professionals have a gentle touch so as not to ruin any wood by using too much pressure.

If a pressure washer is not necessary, we will employ other methods such as using a quality cleaning solution or sanding. Our goal is to create a perfectly primed surface so that the stain will apply properly. Our painters use the best bristle brushes in order to effectively work the stain into the fibers of the wood. We want to ensure that your deck looks amazing from every angle. This can only be achieved by paying attention to the details. We’ll use just the right amount of stain so as to allow your wood to breathe, let the stain dry properly, and better resist peeling or flaking. Invest wisely in your home.

Trust Photo Finish Painting to get the job done right. Leave the maintenance to us so you can spend more time outdoors enjoying life.

For all your deck staining needs, call Photo Finish Painting today at 612-242-1979!

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